Student Coaching

Your child, your teenager, your young adult struggles with subjects such as French, English, History, Geography, Religion (Philosophy), …

I propose a tailor-made purposeful coaching. Your child, your teenager, your young adult faces a certain number of challenges, complex and distressing situations.

I accompany her/him all along her/his uneasy and challenging path.


(S)he tried with quite some difficulties to find out her/his methodology to get organized, to study in an efficient way. (S)he feels overworked, overstretched and is struggling catching up, taking her/his breath.

I propose a work based on a methodology combined with a more personal development in order for your teen to find her/his very own balance and learn how to self-develop, self-build, to determine her/his unique tools to succeed and find her/his unique place in her/his life facing in the best way possible the challenges of daily life.

Flexible guiding thread:

  • Analyse your current situation: identify, analyse your problems, limiting believes, paralysing challenges…
  • Goals of the students, expectations of her/his parents and awareness of the teachers’ requests.
  • Organise and implement a personalised coaching according to these objectives.
  • Action Plan: reachable, measurable in terms of workload, quantity, quality, balance including all aspects of student life nowadays.
  • Follow up.

– Objectives of student coaching: optimize the unique skills of each student willing to develop her/his ability to work autonomously and better manage workload. Leading her/him to maximize her/his chances of success.

– Work foundations: homework and any work linked to school requirements.

We then directly implement the principles of methodology, organization, learning techniques developed together. Then the student enforces constructive changes right away and so observes her/his progress within her/his studying environment.  Such an organization allows flexibility and adaptation of the tools suggested according to how they integrate in the daily work the student must process.


– Awareness of the emotional charge very specific of children, teenagers and young adults. It is an integral part of the coaching following the student’s needs.


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