My Path

  • Financial analyst in France and in Belgium with an American multinational pharmaceutical group for over a decade, I coached in French as well as in English a large number of employees of any level, every profile, age group, horizon, culture, mother tongue.
  • This very enriching, varied professional experience allowed me to develop a wide range of skills confirmed with multiple additional high profile trainings to accompany people in quest of a better being in their professional and/or personal life.
  • I am a freelance coach since 2002 as well as trainer in English and French.
  • As emotions interfere on a regular basis during a coaching in progress, I naturally decided to train with brief therapies’ tools such as non-violent communication, Bach flowers healing remedies, Neuro-Linguistic Programmation wide range of tools.
  • I am very flexible and adapt to your evolution, progress whatever your starting point is


The most important is your path on the way to making it happen.