Home & Office Organising Coach

Your house or apartment is your living space, your safe haven, your anchor. It is a place you can rest, recover, be fully yourself, evolve and grow safely and peacefully. However, at a certain period of your life your home has become a dumping ground, the field of a battle you are bound to lose. Your home has become a source of stress and negative emotions that suck up all your energy. It’s time to reverse the trend!


I offer tailor made services that allow you to free up and declutter your living space, allowing you to claim it back whilst taking your past, your memories, as well as your future projects into account.

Together we will sort and declutter so that everything can finally be tied away speedily and efficiently. What a huge time and energy saver!


This will enable you to lessen the pressures of daily life and improve your overall quality of life. You will regain a sense of confidence by developing your ability to keep your home organised and tidy, helping you to feel more positive and relaxed.


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